The Wellworth Group is a consortium of companies dealing in various trades ranging from hospitality such as hotels and water parks, to leather shops, hardware & building materials, and printing & stationary.

Under the able leadership and guidance of Mr. Gulam H. Ismail after he took over as the Group Chairman and CEO of the family-run business with his vision to "Strive for Excellence", the Wellworth Group took its shape and became one of the most successful business brands in the country.

The group has expanded and diversified in various businesses ever since its inception and has plans for further expansion particularly in the hospitality, travel and tours industry by acquiring more projects in joint ventures and/or other arrangements.



To maintain a position as a leading player in the landscape of hospitality and tourism.


"We know what it takes"

In the global communion, Wellworth Group of Companies has capitalized on the emerging business opportunities by adopting a dynamic and performance driven approach, evolving constantly and adapting swiftly.

A strong focus on the proverbial bottom line, continued development of staff and an intricate understanding of the needs of the market and consumer have catapulted the company to its present glory. Through expertise and a comprehensive involvement it tries to make every project a success.

The Company firmly believes that mutual respect, long term partnerships and strong ethics and integrity are essential to achieve ultimate success. It follows the principle – "Collaboration is the key word to mutual success and growth"


There are 3 main structures of governance of Wellworth Hotels & Lodges Limited namely:

- The Annual General Meeting

- Board of Directors (which is responsible for policy formulation and issuance of broad operational guidelines)

- The Group Management Team (which is responsible for day-to-day operations)


The Company is managed by competent professionals endowed with a wealth of experience. It is their keen understanding of business and their expertise in technical knowledge that has propelled the Company to the forefront, particularly in the hotel industry.

The Wellworth Group continues to enter into strategic tie-ups and excels through innovative solutions. It has pioneered in unique industry concepts.


The Wellworth Group is one of the few hospitality groups that has access to a vast reservoir of experienced professionals and technical expertise.

The Company offers its partners:

- A team of thorough professionals with an exemplary track record, all of whom have held senior management positions with the finest companies both locally and overseas

- A strong team of corporate operating heads supported by senior specialists in Food and Beverage, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Engineering, Tours and Travel, Finance and Sales & Marketing

- A strong sales network

- Continuous training and upgrade opportunities

- Young and very motivated team of mid-level managers

- Strong adaptability, pro-activeness and ability to predict and adjust to environmental forces

- Ability to identify market gaps / niches and expand rapidly to fill the same

- Ability to attract, retain, train and develop a level of talent otherwise difficult to achieve for a single unit property

- Value for money marketing strategy

The Group, through its various subsidiaries, has acquired numerous prestigious tenders, contracts and orders from various prestigious clients which include among many others:

• Tanzania Government – State House

• Commonwealth Parliament

• Tanzania Parliament

• Ministry of Foreign Affairs

• Ministry of Home Affairs

• Ministry of Finance

• Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority

• Tanzania Education Authority

• Tanzania Revenue Authority

• Tanzania Meteorological Agency

• THA - Tanzania Harbours Authority

• PSRC - Presidential Parastatal Sector Reform Commission

• Parastatal Pensions Fund (PPF)




• World Health Organisation (WHO)


• Kahama Mining

• Nigerian High Commission • British High Commission

• Ireland Embassy

• American Embassy

• Bank Of Tanzania (BOT)

• World Bank

• Exim Bank

• BOA Bank

• CRDB Bank

• Barclays Bank

• FBME Bank

• Standard Chartered

• NMB Bank

• Deloitte & Touche

• SONGAS (Natural Gas Project)




• Price Waterhouse Coopers


• University of DSM (UDSM)


The Wellworth Group is continuously working towards developing world class systems and a training culture to deliver customer delight by continuously raising the levels of customer/client satisfaction. There is a constant endeavour to >evolve into a progressive organization, which extends equal opportunities of growth and progress for all its employees and partners by providing them continuous training and counselling at every stage. As the company takes on the challenges of exploring new opportunities in various fields, it invites others to be a part of this journey in achieving mutual goals and setting quality benchmarks for others to follow.

The Group envisages becoming a major player in the Hospitality industry and will be the only local Tanzanian group with the biggest number of hotel rooms portfolio in the country in the very near future. Future plans include expansion into neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Uganda as well as the DRC.